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    [new GUANMEI · information] consensus, win-win and sharing: 2017 new GUANMEI marketing event

    Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2017-03-31   Browse Number:6126

    In March of spring, everything recovers, the willows and flowers are red, the birds are dancing, and the earth is full of vitality. At the time of the recovery of all things,Let's build a platform, reach a consensus, gather the wisdom of all parties, achieve multi-party win-win, integrate high-quality resources, and share market benefits. With the theme of "consensus, win-win, and sharing", New Qumun 2017 Marketing Festival Shanghai is grandly held!

    Sign-in ceremony

    More than 100 project partners, agents in more than 100 cities, together with partners in the past 20 years as expected to come to Shanghai,Impressed at this moment in history!

    Consensus · Win-win · Share

    At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Mr.Zhang gave a welcome speech and recalled that "in 2016, due to the economic situation and national policies, Chinese manufacturing industry encountered unprecedented opportunities and challenges", emphasizing that although the sales target for 2016 is basically completed, the company continue to develop, we must meet the needs of the market. In the severe market changes, we must constantly open up new ideas, seize opportunities, make deeper improvements and adjustments, and create unique core competitiveness of enterprises. "Finally, look forward to" 2017 is a transformation Opportunities, break through bottlenecks, integrate market resources, improve management level, and constantly put forward higher requirements for ourselves. With the commissioning of the Jiangsu Meiler production base, the company has truly entered the era of 'industry 4.0' intelligent manufacturing. "

    General Manager Mrs Xu gave a keynote speech on "Consensus · Win-win · Sharing-2017 New Guanmei Group Marketing Strategic Planning". First, President Xu conducted a detailed and professional analysis of "market environment and opportunities", pointing out that the current manufacturing industry is facing domestic In terms of foreign political and economic challenges and opportunities, Xinguanmei will implement enterprise transformation and upgrade through a series of methods such as resource integration, building a core factory, building an integrated platform, and brand diversification development. Subsequently, President Xu carried out "2017 "Marketing strategic planning", which proposes to create multi-brand operations and differentiate market positioning; intelligent manufacturing is committed to product transformation and innovation; finally, President Xu advocates "platform and resource sharing". In the future, New Crown will integrate the resource chain for resource co-construction and open the platform Cooperation and competition and then platform sharing.

    Zhang Libo, Director of the Technology Center, led the partners to start the long-awaited exploration of the new industrial park. Jiangsu Meile Furniture Intelligent Industrial Park is located in Hai'an National Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 300,000 square meters. It has a full range of intelligent production lines, modern material storage centers, full coverage of photovoltaic power generation, elegant park environment, small bridges and flowing water, pavilions The green area is shaded by trees and the winding path leads to more than 20%.

    Facing the fiercely competitive market environment, New Qumun plans a new way of sharing and win-win in the commercial furniture market! Li Lei, the manager of the domestic business department, summarizes and plans the marketing work of the agent. In 2016, with the continuous bidding of the 100 million yuan project, the New Qumun brand's market influence has been greatly improved, and more and more partners have joined the New Qumun family. New Qumun has entered the ranks of leading brands among China's commercial furniture brands; at the same time, Manager Li also pointed out some problems and deficiencies of the agent partners in the market operation in the past year, and made a 2017 agent promotion plan to adapt to the market With service support and rewards, I believe that the direction is right, the glorious road to success is no longer far away, and we are looking forward to the future.

    The director of the hotel business department, Bai Heng, made a "2017 Hotel Furniture Marketing Analysis and Planning" report on the hotel furniture market, and shared with the partners the fruitful results and experience of the 2016 New Crown Beauty hotel furniture market, and aimed at the market prospects and opportunities. The meticulous and detailed marketing planning has established a solid foundation for the partners to build confidence in the development of the hotel furniture market space.

    Authorization ceremony

    Every partner is an indispensable part of our new crown beauty, thank the heroes for the New Qunun to win an order symbolizing honor. I hope that in 2017, all our excellent partners will not be proud when they succeed, don't give up when they fail, and implement the "consensus and win-win sharing" into action, and make persistent efforts to create good results.

    The meeting ended,the dinner beginning

    New Qumun 2017 annual marketing feast accompanied by the change of lights, the grand opening of the ringing of bells!

    Best Progress Award

    Best Contribution Award

    Best Excellence Award

    Best Sales Award

    End of the dinner, unforgettable today

    At this point, the 2017 annual marketing ceremony of New Qumun has ended successfully, and a new journey is about to begin. Looking back at 2016, we have traveled together and looking forward to 2017, we are full of pride. Every new crown beauty is working hard for the brand's beautiful vision! We firmly believe that with the consensus and cooperation of all the New Qumun and partners, we will definitely be able to work together for a win-win situation and share the future!

    N E W   Q U M U N



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